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Integrated Functional Nutrition & Homeopathy Practitioner

Contact details:

Working with:

Adults and children


I offer a gentle and holistic approach, bringing body, mind and soul back to balance. My aim is to empower you to take action towards achieving optimal well-being.

Homeopathy helps to heal the marks from the past, while Nutrition addresses the present. I therefore find it very helpful to use integrated methods of both in my practice. This includes wholefoods and vitamins, minerals, tissue salts and herbs in different potencies.

Functional Testing:

  1. HTMA- Hair Tissue Mineral - Analysis is non-invasive test that assesses bodily functions at the cellular level; HTMA can reveal a whole story- from Energy production, Nervous System status, Metabolism, Digestive and Immune function, HPA-Axis, Thyroid function, Toxic elements and Detox capacity, corresponding mental and emotional factors.

  2. GI Map- Gut Test (Stool Analysis) - Simple and easy test to do at home. Gives an idea on what type of dysbiosis and inflammation is in the gut. Checks for pathogens, H.pylori, good bacteria, opportunistic bacteria, fungi/yeast, parasites, viruses and intestinal health markers (inflammation + antibiotic resistance). Suitable for Food intolerance, IBS/IBD, Bloating, Indigestion, Heartburn, Food cravings, Weight gain and loss, Thyroid disorders, Poor sleep, Depression, Anxiety and more.

Qualifications and Accreditations:

  • Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy Diploma, CINH

  • Member of The Complementary Medical Association, CMA

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